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The beauty of it all is that you can sell your home for cash with no repairs, no cleaning and no real estate commissions. Let us do all the work! Scroll down below to learn more!

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There is more than one way to sell a home!

There are many ways to buy and sell real estate. Often times when people are looking to sell, they are selling for a very specific reason and neglect to spend time on how they can sell. They don’t know anything beyond calling an agent and selling the “traditional way” and end up losing on a multitude of opportunities and options that they never knew existed and end up paying fees and commissions that they could have put in their own pocket.

Our offer revolves around your needs and wants, on YOUR TERMS!

Often times when investors or buyers make an offer to buy your home, they don’t consider your needs as the seller. Homes to Harmony is a business and we desire to make a profit. However, our desire is also to ensure that all parties in the transaction come out as winners. “On your terms” indicates that we want you to be happy with the end result. You tell us exactly what you need and we will tailor our solutions to achieve just that.

Finding a cash buyer is VERY EASY. There are a ton of investors and companies out there that will gladly give you cash to take your home. But they fail to reveal that they’re likely buying your home at an extremely discounted rate and that you have options to sell your home in better ways. Homes to Harmony shows you ALL of your options and leaves the rest up to you.

We are the ONLY ones that will provide you with multiple options along with a cash offer.

What to Expect from Homes to Harmony

We will take the time to learn about your current home situation and gain a holistic, comprehensive view of your particular issues

We will review all of the information you have provided us and define various solutions for you to choose from to achieve your desired results

We will prepare and present all of your options for selling your home and leave you with the knowledge and information you need to select your path to Harmony.

You are in complete control! There is no obligation, no pressure and no strings attached.

After our first consultation we can meet with you as often or as little as you like. You lead the process and we are here to support. If our offer does not make sense for you, simply let us know and we’ll leave you alone.

What The Seller Needs:
  1. Seller’s dad is ill and lives alone in a 5 br home that the seller grew up in
  2. Seller’s dad is not able to maintain the home in his current condition
  3. Seller wants to sell the home and buy two properties in Florida so that she can move her dad close to her

Seller’s problems:

  1. The home she needs to sell has extensive repairs and updating required
  2. The seller needs to clear enough money from the sale so that she can purchase the right homes in Florida
  3. There are far too many belongings for the seller to quickly sell and vacate the home for a prospective buyer


Jaffer from Homes to Harmony evaluated the situations and understood that the following was most important to the seller:

Selling the home for a price that would allow her to buy the two properties she wanted

Safely transporting her father to Florida near her

Help with how to handle the closing with all the belongings and the legal process

The Homes to Harmony team (Jaffer, Junaid and Rashad) worked with the seller and presented them various solutions. In the end the seller selected the option that included the following:

  • Fair purchase price was agreed upon to allow seller ample funds to purchase desired properties in Florida
  • Agreement that they could remain in the home for 30 days post-close so she could have time to move her father peacefully
  • Agreement that the seller could leave all unneeded belongings at the house and no repairs or clean up was required
  • Offered a first class ticket for her father to be flown to Florida (Seller gracefully declined)
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Here’s a quick run down of why you should not PICK us, rather you should TALK to us!

Typical Investors Agents HOMES TO HARMONY
Hidden FeesCommissions paid by seller No Commissions or Fees
No repairsRepairs required for top priceNo repairs
Profit basedCommission basedSituation-Based
Investor CentricBroker Centric  Owner-Centric
Misleading Unrealistic Realistic
Provide investor optionList onlyProvide options, good or bad 
often times back outCan’t sell at promised priceClose when offer is made
Multiple inspectionsMultiple inspectionsOnly one inspection
Easy for the investorEasy for the buyerEasy for the owner

You can compare all you want, but have a conversation with us to really understand what we have to offer. Then you could go pick someone else…